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Natural Sleep Solutions

Natural Sleep Solutions

Since I began my career in health and wellness, one of the most common requests I receive is information on addressing sleep difficulties naturally. A lack of sleep can truly be debilitating, whether it is in falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping restlessly, it can affect every area of life if this simple facet is not healthy.

After many periods of trial and error, along with reading materials currently available on sleep, I have found that most sleep issues fall into one of two categories:

1. A body that can not relax or
2. A mind that can not relax

Most articles I find on the issue of restless sleep address the first cause. It is more rare to find solutions for the second cause, but this is a shame as most of those who struggle the most do so because it is actually the second cause that needs to be addressed.

Many medications and natural solutions focus on sedative-like properties to relax the body. The problem is, that if the mind is still spinning, often this isn’t enough. We all know those people who get hyped up by medications that usually cause sleepiness, and natural solutions are no different. Those chemicals can often have the opposite affect in some, and in this case I highly suggest the natural products that relax and focus the mind instead of the body.

To get started, try a small amount of any of the following herbs (being certain to look up any medical contraindictions or dosage suggestions) and/or oils. For oils, diluted topical application along the spine or feet, or diffusion is recommended. If you do not get the desired affect, move on to the next. If traditionally “relaxing” products don’t work for you, take a look at the “mind relaxing” list rather than the “body relaxing” list.

Body relaxing oils:

Body relaxing herbs or extracts:
(all of the following are included in doTerra’s Serenity Softgels. Contact me at to get this product at a reduced price)
Lemon Balm
L-theanine (an amino acid)
German Chamomile

Mind Relaxing/Focusing Oils
Wild Orange

One of my favorite recommendations is to apply diluted frankincense, bergamot, roman chamomile and vetiver oils to the feet nightly. To purchase any of the aformentioned oils or products contact me at for the best prices, or order directly HERE.
Share your favorite combinations in the comments.