Walking Your Way To Health

Walking is one of the simplest actions we can incorporate into our lives on our journey to health. But, while simple, don’t be fooled into thinking it is unimportant. A 20-40 minute walk daily has a whole host of benefits associated! It can easily be incorporated into regular errands, multiple environments and modified for multiple fitness levels.

Here is a sampling of some of the benefits that come along with a daily walk:
– Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
– Increased energy and focus levels
– Decrease in anxious and depressive episodes
– Relief of joint, and muscle pain
– Reduced risk of breast cancer
– More easily regulated blood sugar
– Decrease in body fat
– Change in epigenetic expression related to obesity
– Boosted immune system
And even more!

For some of you walking may feel overwhelming, when you just want to rest… good news… if you can start somewhere it tends to promote energy and decrease stress!

For some of you walking isn’t “intense enough” or doesn’t “burn enough calories”. But guess what, walking doesn’t come with the cortisol increase of intense workouts, but with many of the other benefits. Lower cortisol helps produce all the other healthy body-type changes you may be seeking.

Put the excuses aside and step outside today…

To learn more about the power of walking, and a few tips to make the process easier, check out my live video in my wellness tribe: HERE