Poetry Student


Her fingers lightly press
Dancing through cords she knows
And notes she doesn’t
Her grasp of music is weak
But her heart is moved
As she dances across the keys
The discordant tune matches
The pangs of confusion
Of a reality that never will
Align with her memories
Her eyes clenched tight
She feels the movement
Rhythm of a life she remembers
And realizes she never knew
But swore she had under control
Sharps clash with flats
And chords follow no sheet
Some notes sweet but most foul
Like the life that fell off the page
And took a route unplanned
The tighter she closes
The more tears flow
She feels the pain of loss
And more of playing the fool
She loved too hard and too long
With eyes still closed
And tears not yet dry
Her fingers wander
Finding a true melody
Amongst the same notes
She is still a student
But she falters less today
Yesterday’s tune still hangs in the air
But today’s melody crescendos
Resounding steady in her soul