My Mold Misadventure Part 3

…The day came for my call with the herbalist. We had a very lovely chat. She suggested many things that I knew, and a few I didn’t, but I at least felt like I had a few options to try. Right before our phone call was going to end, the herbalist stopped me. She sounded very strange, like she had been scared by something. She said, “I just have to ask you one more thing before we get off the phone. This may seem really strange but I have to ask… Is there any way you could have been exposed to mold?”…

My mind swirled. It was as though a puzzle piece that I’d been trying to fit for months just suddenly snapped into place.

“Gosh… you know that could be a possibility.” I said

I thought about the roof leak, that had become a ceiling leak, that dripped into our bedroom every time we had a heavy rain. We’d just put a tarp over the area and gone on with life, but it didn’t really stop all of the leaks.

“We have a leak in our roof, but we haven’t had the time or money to do anything about it since it isn’t covered by insurance” I explained.

She began to excitedly tell me about her own past mold exposure… the brief version. She suggested we set up a follow up call, and left me with the instructions to find the documentary “Moldy” online and watch it.

Before we hung up she said… “you know, I don’t know what you think about a higher power, but I have not felt something that strong in a long time. I felt that if I did not mention mold then something was going to strike me down.”

Chills crept up my spine.

I got off the phone with more certainty than I’d had in months and immediately found the suggested documentary. (which streams for free by the way)

I was hardly 10 minutes into the film before I was crying. It fit. Every little bit of it fit. I knew this was the answer.

I spent the next week waiting for my next phone appt and pouring over every possible mold exposure education I could find. The news was both relieving and horrifying. It brought great peace that I finally felt that I’d found my answer, but the reality of the problem before us was simply overwhelming. My husband climbed up into the crawlspace just to see what he could find, I was greeted by clear black spots all over the beams. We didn’t know what he was looking at, but we knew it couldn’t be good.

The next phone call, the herbalist confirmed what I had been reading. Mold exposure was a huge issue, and depending on my sensitivty level and the type of mold, it could easily kill or severely damage a person. She talked me through my best options. Self remediation (not at all simple, but a bit cheaper), professional remediation, medication, blood tests, herbal remedies etc.

We decided on a period of removal from the space to confirm that this was indeed the issue. The blood tests that were accurate were extremely expensive and would have required a two hour drive to receive. I set up the initial appt, but proceeded with the plan. First, I was to set up a way to leave my home for a minimum of a week, two weeks if possible. Second, I was not to bring anything with me that hadn’t first been washed in ammonia outside of the home. It was basically like treating myself like a biohazard. We made the plan to go to Utah for a scheduled conference for a week, and then follow it up with a week at my parents home when I returned. We managed to follow all of the requirements to keep from cross contaminating my new space.

At the same time, I found a lady who would test spores in the home using tape testing. While I later learned this was not necessarily the most accurate way to test the severity of a mold problem, it did serve to give us a starting point. Based on number of spores and type, she was able to confirm that not only did we have some of the “known to be dangerous” molds in our home, we also had extremely high counts of some molds that could be very dangerous to some, and just bothersome to others.

For two weeks I slept away from my home. Most of that on an air mattress in my parents living room. Little did I know at the time I would sleep on this air mattress for the following 6 months…

At the end of two weeks the results spoke for themselves. I had lost 10 pounds without doing anything. My tremors were cut in half. My skin itchiness had gone away, and my heartrate was close to normal.There was now no question that my home had made me sick.

But, now what… what does one do when her home is poisoning her???

To be continued…

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