My Mold Misadventure Part 2

It’s been a bit longer than I expected but I’m ready to get into part two of my mold exposure story. My last blog post left off with a string of symptoms and a lot of confusion.

The day finally came when I got out of the shower, ran my fingers through my hair, and a clump of hair came out with it. I remember sitting on the couch, simply stunned. I called my mom and said, I think it’s time to start trying to figure this out.

I went to my standard medical practitioner and got a variety of bloodwork… but nothing remarkable popped. Except for a little blip that indicated inflammation, at least that is what my doctor said. Months later I discovered this level is usually only elevated in severe illness. She was very nice about it, but pretty much said her only suggestion was to lose weight (like I hadn’t been trying that for months).

I had learned many years previously that you have to be your own advocate when it came to health, so I began to dig. I came across the disease “cushings disease”. This disease was usually caused by a nodule on the pituitary gland and would cause elevated cortisol. All of the symptoms, including very unique ones like bright stretch marks and a buffalo hump, fit.

I returned to my primary, printed information on Cushings in hand. She agreed to refer me to an endocrinologist.

I was excited. I felt like I finally was on the right path. The endocrinologist agreed that I appeared to have Cushings and ran me through a battery of salivary and urine tests, as well as heart tests.

Weeks passed, and results came back.

Slightly elevated cortisol on one test, but not enough to get a diagnoses of Cushings. Extremely elevated heart rate, but no indication as to why.

She suggested I lose weight and offered me an intensive weight loss drug.

I was a wreck. I let her know that weight loss was not working for me, and that I knew something else was happening to my body. She agreed, but said she was at a loss. After a bit more communication she wrote an order for an MRI to check out my pituitary anyway.

Weeks passed again, I was growing even more ill. I lived in a constant haze of depression, confusion, pain and weakness.

My MRI was completed and the results revealed nothing unique.

A battery of tests had been completed and all specialists and doctors (four at this point) were at a loss, with no further suggestions. The only remaining suggestion was weight loss, but nothing I did dietary wise would cause me to lose weight. I connected with quantum healing workers, had genetic testing, used acupuncture… nothing…

I sunk deeper into depression and hopelessness. I knew God could divinely heal, and began seeking more healing rooms and prayer opportunities. But nothing was changing…

The week that I basically found out there were no answers, a friend reached out to me. She has a genetic condition that affects her connective tissues, and had found good results working with an herbalist. Now, I know a ton about herbs, oils and natural remedies. I didn’t assume this herbalist would tell me anything I didn’t already know. However, she offered a free 1 hour consult so I figured I had nothing to lose.

The week leading up to my call my dad and I chatted. His very health minded friend had suggested that perhaps I was reactive to EMF waves. I didn’t fully dismiss the idea, but it seemed a bit too extreme for my symptoms. But I did begin to think about possible environmental causes. A tiny seed had been planted.

The day came for my call with the herbalist. We had a very lovely chat. She suggested many things that I knew, and a few I didn’t, but I at least felt like I had a few options to try. Right before our phone call was going to end, the herbalist stopped me. She sounded very strange, like she had been scared by something. She said, “I just have to ask you one more thing before we get off the phone. This may seem really strange but I have to ask… Is there any way you could have been exposed to mold?”…


Story to be continued…


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