Meeting With My Former Self

Meeting With My Former Self

There you are old friend
I thought I’d lost you
Or perhaps I locked you away
Because it was too painful to look you in the eye


I forgot your humor
Sometimes too dark
And often completely absurd
But you were always looking for the chance to laugh


I remember your eyes
Sparkling with life and vigor
And hope, lots of that
Hope came to your brim and overflowed


You were so outgoing
A people person through and through
You lived to connect
And embrace others in all their glory and mess


I recall your creativity
With words, with paint
And sometimes even with voice
Not caring if it was perfect, but loving the expression


And old friend
I am getting to know you again
Almost as the first time
But with the wisdom found in brokenness


I lost you in the mire
In the desperation
Forcing the shattered into form
I couldn’t hold onto you while I chased the pieces


I’m transforming
Into me, an expression of you
The best of both
But this time,  I’m choosing to love all of us