Expand And Contract

Expand and Retract

A picture is not a person
I remind myself
But my facade is cracking
As I recoil from the image on the screen
How can it draw out so much
Fire and grief pulsating in unison

Memories are not a person
But they can still burn
I know they only have the power I give them
But today I can’t seem to take it back
Why do I feel so much
Yet somehow nothing, in the same breath

Sounds are not a person
But they can stir up that which was contained
Cries for daddy… music from a former life
And I try so hard to be unmovable
My thought life expands
And runs away with me. I can’t catch it.

He is a person
But I can’t look him in the eye
I can only forgive and release
And pray for blessings… before I feel it
The will drops an anchor
Slowly, my thoughts find a resting place