Essential Oils for Women’s Health

Women are powerful. Women are life givers. Women nourish and comfort. Oh… and women face a whole host of health issues that men do not. Mostly due to some amazing, and pesky, chemicals called hormones.

Given that women are biologically designed to be able to grow, nourish and birth babies, our systems have specially designed organs and hormones devoted specifically to these purposes. So, when we are addressing women’s health we need to keep these things at the forefront of our mind!


Firstly, let’s consider the fluctuation of hormone levels due to age, environmental influences, childbirth, puberty and more. Improperly imbalanced hormone levels can affect our bone density, our mood, our skin, our sleep, our weight, our menstrual cycle and just about any other function you could ascribe to the body. Regardless of the direction of this imbalance, there are some essential oils I always recommend to help stabilize and support your body.

Clary Sage, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Fennel can all be supportive when looking to balance these hormone levels. My personal favorite though is a ready made blend called Clary Calm, that includes a variety of oils for this purpose. Daily use topically is encouraged for best results.


Another particular need to address for women is breast health. These lovely nourishing organs are filled with unique cells that can be supported for healthy function as well! For regular use, diluted frankincense, pink pepper, eucalyptus and grapefruit are terrific for detoxification and protection. In case of nursing, many women find fennel and basil helpful for stabilizing supply. And a special note… avoid topical peppermint when you are actively nursing as some women have found it negatively influences supply.


What about menstruation and all the discomforts that might come along with this natural bodily process? Roman chamomile, geranium, marjoram, lemon, cypress, basil and that aforementioned blend Clary Calm can all be used across the abdomen to support and comfort during this time. Combine with gentle heating pads, massage, or Epsom salt baths for even greater support.


So, anyone can deal with heavy or difficult emotions, but our hormone swings can certainly make these emotions feel more acute. The oils geranium, ylang ylang, clary sage, Balance, Serenity, Citrus Bliss, Adapativ, Peace, Whisper and Clary Calm are often loved for a place of emotional respite during these swings.


Lastly, let’s talk about general nutrition and supplementation that can be helpful for women’s specific health needs. In addition to balanced calcium, magnesium and copper, overall bioavailable minerals and vitamins can be of vital importance to proper metabolic and hormonal function. The Cellular Vitality Complex, Whole Food Nutrient Complex and Bone Support Complex can all be terrific additions to your daily supplementation routine. I also personally incorporate the Energy Complex, daily frankincense, additional vitamin E and Probiotics!

If you have any questions about women’s health, and specifically ways to support it using essential oils please reach out anytime!