Essential Oils For Fitness

Fitness can be tough. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner, learning to move your body in a way that enhances your life is one of the best choices you can make for overall health.
Sometimes this movement can be overdone and cause injury, or simply excess inflammation. Sometimes we can struggle to even begin and have general fatigue or pain issues that make it difficult to put one foot in front of the other.
Did you know essential oils can be used to support your body as you embrace a lifestyle of healthy movement? From oils for motivation, to oils that support proper bodily healing post workout, there are options for everyone.
Inflammation is a natural bodily response to internal trauma. But excess inflammation can hinder proper recovery and put a major cramp in your movement style.
💧Oils such as Frankincense, Marjoram, Lemongrass, Cypress, Wintergreen and Lavender can support healthy circulation and inflammatory response. Combine these oils in a carrier like coconut oil and apply to muscles or joints that need extra support. Some of these oils, namely frankincense, marjoram, and lavender can be used internally for a different support mechanism.
💧You can also look at pre-made blends such as Deep Blue oil or Aromatouch oil for this same muscular support. Internally, the deep blue polyphenol complex includes a variety of herbs and supplements designed to offer relief and a soothing effect.
We can’t ignore the emotional support needs for fitness either. Whether motivation, or energy, oils can have a supportive effect to the psyche and your overall mental state.
💧Citrus oils and peppermint are well known to provide increased focus and alertness, as well as an energetic uplifting effect. I particularly love to combine orange and peppermint, or use the blend motivate in my hands and breathe it in deeply.
💧For stretching, where deep breathing and a relaxing effect is desired, oils like patchouli, frankincense and chamomile can fit right in. The balance blend is one of my all time favorites for exercises that need… well… balance!
If you need any other ideas for supportive oils for particular needs, please reach out to me anytime!