Essential Oils for Digestive Support

I always joke that the “gateway” essential oils for most people are either the oils for pain or the oils to support digestion. When someone uses an essential oil and experiences near immediate digestive ease, it is hard to question the validity of these natural remedies. So, on that note I knew it was time to share on some of my all time favorite oils to support the digestive system.

Whether we are discussing the stomach which excretes the digestive juices necessary to properly break down food, or the small intestine which continues this break down process, or even the large intestine that primarily absorbs nutrients and converts the food material into stool, the digestive system is complex. Even the salivary excretions of the mouth, the swallowing actions of the esophagus and the elimination action of the rectum all fit into this complex nutrient absorption and waste expelling system. For our purposes I will primarily be focusing on the oils that support proper food break down past the stomach, and healthy waste elimination. I will also touch on scenarios where the esophagus may be bothered by improper digestion in the stomach or intestines.

Firstly, lets look at the stomach itself. This is where we often experience the most poignant discomfort when dealing with acute illness or standard digestive ails. When experiencing any type of discomfort I usually go to Digest Zen. This digestive blend contains a variety of essential oils that both soothe the mucous membranes of the stomach, support overall digestive processes, and reduces moments of nausea. This oil can be diffused, used topically over the stomach, or on occasion taken internally.

Secondarily we have the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestine. These membranes can be susceptible to a variety of issues, and it is always good to have a generally soothing oil on hand. In addition to DigestZen I tend to find myself drawn to Cardamom and Wild Orange when I am seeking a gentle soothing experience. These oils, when massaged over the intestines, can help with proper elimination and an overall soothing feeling.

When the acid pumps of the stomach and intestine seem to be problematic and affect the esophagus, often this isn’t about having too much acid at all. More often it is a result of too little acid, or another overall digestive issue. One possible way to address this is to rub that same Digest Zen oil over the esophagus itself.

For those in need of something to purely address nausea, nothing is better than ginger. Scientific studies reveal that ginger affects nausea primarily at the brain level, but it also can be soothing to those digestive membranes. Diffusing this oil, or using it in tea, are my two favorite ways to comfortably address nausea.

There are many other supportive remedies, but this is just a sampling of my favorite. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via the email listed below.

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(Always make sure to check on any possible contraindications with medications, pregnancy and particular age groups. I am an aromatherapist and am happy to help you navigate any concerns)