Essential Oils and Herbals for Energy

One of the most common health questions I field is, “how do I get more energy”. This time of year is definitely one that is hectic, and this question is coming even more and more often. There are a variety of essential oil and herbal options that can support you and your energy needs, but there are also some basic life tips that will best support your body and even address some of the underlying causes of your energy issues.

  1. Get more sleep

I know, I know… this seems easier said than done. When we spend all day working hard it can be so tempting to stay up late finishing tasks or getting “me time” in front of a screen. But, if you can discipline yourself to get to bed earlier, your energy levels WILL raise and you will have an easier time during your day getting those same tasks done, and probably less need for veg time at night. Studies on the circadian rhythm have shown that a bedtime before 10pm is best for optimal rest and recovery.

I highly recommend our serenity sleep system for a natural support of your body before and during sleep. This combo includes the essential oil blend Serenity and the Serenity softgel herbal blend. The oil can be diffused, dropped on your pillow, or put on your big toes before bed. This oil supports your nervous system and helps to slow down your thoughts so you can drift off into restful sleep. The herbal softgel is packed full of natural ingredients that support the nervous system and are overall adaptogenic (a fancy way to say they help give your body the calming effect it needs). Check out the system here!

2. Get proper nutrients

Sometimes we feel that we eat too much junk food, and in an attempt to curb this we don’t eat enough all together. Usually your hunger is indicitive of a higher need for proper nutrients, and when these nutrients are addressed your hunger is curbed. It is also important to get enough healthy carbohydrates to sufficiently store glycogen in your liver for energy. Fruits, root vegetables and organic dairy are all solid sources of carbohydrates, as well as honey or maples syrup combined with other nutrient rich ingredients.

My first recommendation for anyone struggling with energy needs is to try our Lifelong Vitality pack. This is a wholefood multivitamin line that supports nearly every system in your body, and is specially designed to fill in the gaps nutrient-wise in a standard american diet. They are whole food based, easily digestible, and even include an herbal blend that is filled with cellular supporting ingredients. It has a 30 day money back guarantee so why not check it out here!?

3. Support yourself with natural products

Once you have addressed the first two tips, you can power pack your body support by trying some of the following natural products (descriptions from doTerra).

Mito2Max – “You can take Mito2Max daily as a healthy, long-term alternative to caffeinated drinks for increased energy and vitality. This dietary supplement improves mental energy and supports stamina naturally without the use of harmful stimulants.”

Passion Essential oil – “If you’re starting to lose passion and creativity in tackling the responsibilities in your daily life, try doTERRA Passion.  This spicy and herbal blend helps inspire creativity and re-ignite passion. The power of this blend comes from the phenols and esthers, which give a warming and renewing effect.”

Motivate Essential oil – “doTERRA Motivate brings together some of the most encouraging essential oils. Citrus and mint essential oils contain monoterpenes, which are known for their uplifting and energizing properties. Put a drop of doTERRA Motivate on your shirt collar or on aromatherapy jewelry to take advantage of its aromatic benefits. Motivate Touch can be applied to pulse points throughout the day.”

To look at any of the other essential oils listed above, click on the link attached to the name, or contact me directly at