Essential Oils for Back to School

This is a hectic time of year, and even more so with the current state of affairs. But back to school time is happening whether or not we are ready, and whether or not our children are going to school in person or staying home.

So what are some things we can use to support ourselves naturally during this crazy making time? Well, essential oils of course. For kids, and for mom. I’m going to focus on two main ways to best support us during this time. Immune support and emotional support.

Immune Support

I’m not gonna lie, kids can be gross. You know it’s true! I still remember one day my daughter licked the wall at a restaurant, and mortified I realized that there was only so much I could do to keep germs at bay.

So, instead I mostly focus on supporting my children and I’s immune system. Whether during a pandemic, or just normal life, it never hurts to support our body and work on keeping it healthy.

My go to oils for this are On Guard, Frankincense and Stronger.

On Guard is a terrific oil to use aromatically to address potential yuckies in the air. This is always my first plan of attack. Secondarily, adults can use a drop on On Guard in a shot glass of water as a mouthwash and then swallow for an immune boost. This lovely spicy taste is something I highly enjoy. You can use it topically by diluting it in coconut oil (or another vegetable oil) and applying it to the bottoms of the feet daily as well, for children and adults.

Frankincense is a gentle, yet powerful oil, that supports proper immune and cellular function. This one I tend to use topically (diluted) on the feet for children and adults. And for adults, I would consider a drop under the tongue every day for most optimal support.

Lastly is stronger, this is the oil blend most designed for children, and what I would recommend as your first line of defense for any of your little ones. Rub this oil directly on the feet or spine to support their little bodies. This one is pre-diluted in coconut oil and comes in a roller bottle for easy use.

Emotional Support

Now let’s chat emotional support. Let’s face it, this time has been just a wee bit stressful for some of us… children not excluded. So how can we best support ourselves and our children emotionally during this time. Well I recommend the following 4 oils for kiddos and parents alike.

In Tune – This blend is designed for focus. Whether it is you or your child who need help focusing on the task at hand, a touch of this oil behind the ears or on the wrists is sure to give you that grounding and soothing focus that is needed.

Balance – An all time favorite, balance can be used in a diffuser, on diffuser jewelry, or directly on the feet or spine. This oil helps one feel grounded and slow your scattered thoughts. It also smells like a beautiful light cologne or perfume!

Motivate – This oil comes in the touch form (pre-diluted with coconut oil) and in the straight oil form. The straight oil can be used in the diffuser, and the touch form can be rolled on behind the ears and on the wrists. This oil helps to give us a pep in our step and give us the inspiration to best get through our day.

Adaptiv – This oil also comes in a touch form and in the straight oil form. This is the most power packed of all of our oils, designed to address occasional anxious thoughts and bring a sense of calm. We can use this oil in a diffuser or on diffuser jewelry, or use the touch form and roll it on pressure points to prepare us for our day.

If you don’t currently have these oils, or even if you do, I encourage you to join us for our upcoming Adaptiv Transformation challenge. Over 21 days you will develop breathing and affirmation tools to pair with our Adaptiv Blend and help you reduce some of the crazy making in your life.

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